When the invasion was delayed and Kankuro's fight with Shino was to begin, Kankuro forfeited, not wanting to reveal Crow's new features. Tamaki was a little girl who worked at a shop in an abandoned city along with her grandmother. Weird things about the name Kankuro: The name spelled backwards is Oruknak. Making the opponents flee, the Suna ninja followed them immediately. Also lots of respect. One of the students, a shy, quiet girl named Matsuri, was reluctant to use something that could hurt someone else, so Gaara taught her to use a defensive weapon, the Rope Javelin. With this confession made, Maijuru removes his disguise, revealing that he's actually Kankuro; there never was anyone named Maijuru and, very often in his interactions Tojuro, was only a puppet controlled remotely by Kankurō. after the battle goes on to where they became friends again and obito save kakashi once again and die this time telling kakashi it wasn’t his fault giving kakashi a tempory susono and sharingans obito died and move on.but kakashi seem to be the same. He was later found by Suna-nin and brought back to the village for treatment. Quite a lot of these were truly surprising to me too. She’s also a part of the InoShikaCho team who plan on taking over from their parents. A lot of the couple I saw happening, a few are a little random but I can see them happening. Kankuro is seen is lining up troops and weapons at the borders of the Land of Fire, thinking that Konoha attacked Gaara, their Kazekage. It’s awesome just as I expected. - Fairy Tail 334, Neji, Shikaku and Inoichi Dead! Submitted Name. Before the match could be called in Misumi's favour, the Kankuro that Misumi attacked was revealed to have been Crow in disguise, while Kankuro was hiding where Crow was supposed to be. Despite their apparent differences, Gaara and Kankuro become very close over the time skip as Gaara began to confide in Kankuro, and shared his dreams of wanting to risk his life to protect Sunagakure. Amazing! Who is Zekken – Sword Art Online II 18 (Thoughts), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Character Growth in the Naruto World (Part 1, Shippuden & "The Last"), Juvia's Death! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The four puppets that have been introduced were all originally created by Sasori (the fourth actually being Sasori himself), and came into Kankuro's possession some time after Sasori left Sunagakure. Several years later after the war ended, Kankuro led an A-rank mission to capture Kajura, a missing-nin from Ishigakure. It was also agreed for the boy to live with Naruto, who would watch over him at all times. Kankuro and his siblings arrive to tell Kakashi what had happen at the Five Kage Summit. Hiding in the trees are a group of Suna ninja who plan on killing Gaara. Kankuro is meant to provide security for the gathering, but he is abruptly called away at the last minute, replaced by Baki. Mirai seems older compared to the other kids, which she should be, so it seems like she’s already going into missions and such. I’m satisfied with the couple tagged together.. He is lastly seen during the end credits. Later on, Naruto discovers Kankuro among a room filled with unconscious children amongst all of the rubble. Kankuro then launched a poison smoke bomb at Shino. As the war between Konoha and Suna is about to begin with ground combat troops and heavy artillery from both sides facing each other, Jiraiya appears above Gamabunta and gives to Suna the proof that Gaara is still alive. Rock Lee seems to have married someone, but it’s not known yet as this youthful student is known as Metal Lee! He seals Shukaku in a kettle pot and trusted Shukaku's protection to Kankuro, Shinko and Boruto by telling them to go to Konohagakure. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This could be a nod to Kabuki theatre, where face paint is often used. Ebizo, the current head of the Council, asks to discuss something with Gaara. I’ve honestly never really liked Hinata (don’t get offended it’s just my opinion) and I feel like they could’ve done better with the couples. It can make baby name suggestions from its database of over 100,000 first names. For the first half of the series, he is frequently at odds with Gaara, though he tends to hold his tongue for fear of being killed.[ch. He wore a black, baggy, full body suit with a red and yellow circle on the front. Soon after that he and Temari had to leave with their father because Kankuro wants to play with Gaara, but their father however keeps them from doing so everyday. Shikamaru even said ‘him’ when he was talking to Kurenai before after she emerged from the hospital after her latest check up, when he was trying to Cheer Naruto up after Jiraiya’s death. Whenever Kankuro appears in a new arc of the manga, he sports a new design of purple face paint. C’mon anyone like Lee deserves love after long time hard work. I agree. She was way too abusive and had little faith in him. Saw the movie, and it’s a boy. Therefore, they would like Gaara to find a wife so that he can, in turn, have children. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Kankuro and Temari were shock, and wonder where Gaara went. And I’m a GIRL!!!!! In the anime, Kankuro also claimed to have a resistance to poison, though not enough to withstand the effects of Ibuse's Poison Mist. Anyone know? The ninjas we know and love are now all grown up, some got promoted while others now just enjoy their times being in peace. Naruto was angry that everyone around him was interested into Sasuke. Kankuro (Kankurō) is an old-fashioned Japanese given name rarely used in modern Japan.. Real people. I know yo aint tryna say my boi Lee aint gettin it on the daily, Kankuro and his siblings were seen off by Nara Shikamaru. They soon reached the tower being the first ones there surprising Anko because of how quickly they arrived. Ayah mereka adalah Kazekage ke-4. I guess its returned to her liking him. During the written portion of the exam, in which was meant to test the examinees' ability to gather information covertly by cheating, Kankuro who excuses himself to go to the bathroom and reveals that one of the proctors was actually his puppet Crow in disguise. They also had a little boy who is part of the InoShikaCho. While it was customary for close relations to a Kage to become a jinchuriki and to be one, neither he nor his older sister Temari were compatible with the One-Tail Shukaku. i should let people know i seen a version of who got naruto and this was reversed naruto did not pick hinata but like most fans where hopeing for in this version sakura got him so if you did not like was you saw in the manga look for the revers one instead it is online some where but i have a book so i am willing to share if you live in canada, i doubt ten ten and lee went out together it would never happen……. In Part II, When Gaara is kidnapped by the Akatsuki, Kankuro awakens from being healed by Sakura from Sasori's posion. With each of his appearances in the major arcs, Kankuro is seen with a new puppet in his arsenal. He began trading blows with Sasori, who was controlling a reincarnated Shin. LOL!!! Gaara tries to deflect their suggestion by pointing out that Kankuro, being older than him, should get married before him. He then attended the meeting with the council and tried to punch a council member for stating the village would be better off without Gaara, though was stopped by Baki. In addition to Kankuro's Kabuki-like make-up, the fact that he uses puppets as well, as the black outfit and cap he wears, are possibly an allusion to Bunraku, Japanese puppet theatre. Kankuro has completed 43 official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 10 B-rank, 23 A-rank, 1 S-rank. During the Exams, Kankuro goes to Konohamaru with Team Shinki. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! Kankurō immediately attacks Temujin, explaining how the ship had been wiping out Land of Wind villages. Misumi quickly wrapped himself around Kankuro's body, by threatening to break Kankuro's neck if he did not forfeit. eng/spa. Usage Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture. This makes him sound tough, as this accent is often used for biker gang members or punk kids (called "yankii" in Japanese, Yokohama supposedly has many) in manga. Later while Naruto was recovering at the village, Jiraiya showed up. She stated that she did not need to since she was paired with Nara Shikamaru who was viewed weak by her. You know at the end of the day Kakashi never got married and I would cry if Lee doesn’t have a partner. At one point when Kankuro had been poisoned by Sasori he was heard muttering Gaara's name though he was unconscious, which showed how much he cared for Gaara. 13 years later on after the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, Kankuro visited his sister, Temari, and his nephew. Before they battle, they are interrupted by the Kamira and Ranke, whom Kankurō and Gaara take on. – still wish Kakashi got married!!! The fact that he was chosen to lead the Surprise Attack Division and become a jonin stands as a testament to his skills. It was also noted that he likes collecting puppets, and installing and upgrading the mechanisms in them. The flashback ends and Gaara thanks Naruto for helping him form his first bond with Konoha. Kankurō Kudō, actor-screenwriter. Kankuro then fell prey to the infinite Tsukuyomi. In more technical terms, Kankurō's name can be translated to something like 'intuitive ninth son'. Kankuro was ranked as the 27th most popular character in the seventh and most recent Naruto character popularity poll. A few moments after, Naruto tried to help Konohamaru but he seemingly tripped over himself but in actuality, it was Kankuro's doing. None of the art presented is the property of Daily Anime Art. I watch kakashi from when he was young right up to the ending of naruto. He was standing next to Uzumaki Naruto watching the other battles. some of the characters in naruto and japan in general don't have last names. When Naruto ended, we got a sneak peak at the future of Naruto, especially seeing who most of the characters we love got married to. He ordered Baki to get the medical unit and heal the injured leaving Kankuro alone from now on. Gaara didn’t get married, he was about to though, he has an adopted son. Kankuro collapsed, but with the last of his strength, was able to have a piece of Crow tear off part of Sasori's cloak. I want to see the movie bad!!!!!!! Amanim/Anime Series and Characters on my website. His birthday is May 15, & his bloodtype is B. As everyone rushed to help Gaara who fainted shortly afterwards, Kankuro noted to Naruto how he finally found someone who he can relate to. Shikamaru fills the whole area with lines with explosives (most of them are fake) so Kamira cannot fly about. When Kankuro announced his position to his team, Sai approached him and started to wonder what nickname he should give his captain leaving Kankuro confused. He asks them why they abandoned their friend which leaves Yaoki and Korobi wondering if Gaara is their friend. Ohhh that is certainly a possibility since she was shown too, it could be a good theory. When he first made an appearance, Kankurō sported a triangular face-paint design, which changed to a different cross-like design from the Sasuke Retrieval arc up until Part II. Just as Kamira thinks she knows what he has in store, Kankurō suddenly launches one of his puppets to automatically trap and kill her. Two and a half years later, Kankuro was first seen when his younger brother Gaara, was fighting the Akatsuki member Deidara in an aerial battle. Rock Lee proved them wrong when he used his five of his Eight Gates to damage Gaara greatly. Misumi survived, but was in no condition to fight, and Kankuro was declared as the winner. Konkuro death secene in Boruto : Naruto The Next Generations Episode 123 In the anime when the one tail Shukaku had rampaged in Sunagakur… Agreed, Aburame Shino is awesome…hes not the best socially, but he does care deeply about his friends and teamates and knows when something is wrong with them. While he did so, Kankuro and Temari helped some samurai that had been hit by Sasuke's Amaterasu, and removed their burning armour. Naruto demands an explanation, but all Temujin can reply is 'Noble sacrifices for the greater good'. After explaining how he had spent the past few months gathering information about the Akatsuki, he told Naruto he was finally ready to train him for the next two years. I get Naruto Uzumaki every time! When Kinshiki and Momoshiki began their attack on the arena, Kankuro was seen saving civilians from the falling debris of the stadium, before being evacuated. Kankuro who was angry stated that he is sick of all of these problems and told him to listen to his older brother for once. Your name of Kankuro creates individuality, independence, self-confidence, ... Is the name of Kankuro helping you? Kankuro whose last name isn't reveal was born on the day of May 15th as the second child to Karura, and the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa. Kankuro joined Temari in thanking Team Kakashi for saving their brother, and personally thanked Naruto. I would like to see his reaction on Hinata marrying Naruto and seeing the children. Kankuro stated that it was fated that they would fight once again and that he owed him from their last encounter where Sasori poisoned him and left him for dead. After Team 7 leaves, Gaara asks Yaoki and Korobi what they said to him and they happily say they're his friends which brings a smile to Gaara. Gaara is to meet his future wife at a formal gathering of the Land of Wind's various dignitaries. Sasuke Uchiha came back to Konoha after his journey to find out how the world works. After making them promise that it will be a bloodless removal of the current power structure, Kankuro agrees. Hey Keiko, sorry to say this but Neji is dead. Hmm, even Gaara had a kid. Gray's Angry - Fairy Tail 499, Yoruichi's New Form! His entire character seems to be an allusion to stage arts. I should explain that Asuma and Kurenai were lovers, they did not get married or engaged for that matter. None of the siblings were hurt or even scratched because of the great strength Gaara possesses. Before he lost complete use of Crow, he tried to launch a final attack, only to discover that Shino's bugs, guided by the bug placed on him earlier, had found his location and consumed all his chakra. tenten’s meatl ‘s mother ! Kankuro is a playable character in the following video games: Kankuro gets along very well with his older sister. I mean kakashi days are over at least get a girl he don’t even has to have kids. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Combining with having developed brotherly feelings, especially that of an older brother, Kankuro has become very protective of Gaara, getting angry at anyone who insults Gaara in his presence. Hanabi and Neji would have ended up together. Kankuro then engages Ukon, but is caught by Sakon, who came back when Ukon didn't return. Team 7 and Gaara's team continue and finish their mission and they bid each other farewell. A huge fan of the Naruto Hinata coupling. However with his yellow hair, he definite stands out of the crowd. Kankuro first met Uzumaki Naruto before the Chunin Exams started. Gaara looked back at Kankuro telling him that he doesn't consider him as a brother. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. He also wears a black hood which covered his head completely, and had cat-like ears and his forehead protector on his forehead. Anyways, I love Hinata but personally I prefer NARUSAKU couple, like they had been through lots of missions and had made memories. Ummm Her name is not Salad Uchiha it is Sarada u dummy, There you go, I just updated it for you . 853 fans. Gaara introduces his subordinates, Yaoki and Korobi who are scared of Gaara's sand abilities. Later, while Kankuro voiced his displeasure at Gaara putting himself out in the open in such a way to promote himself as the new Kazekage, Gaara insisted he needed to deal not only with the Akatsuki, but also the violent naysayers in Suna. There he freed Chōjūrō, Mifune, Okisuke and Urakaku from White Zetsu's Spore Technique before Tobi appeared. While Seimei was looking forward to facing Shukaku, Gaara was able to suppress Shukaku and revert to normal, amazing Naruto and everyone else who appeared. As everyone talks about the boy's fate began, it was unanimously decided to treat the boy with sympathy as they were no strangers to children being made into weapons (i.e. This carried over to many of his interactions with other characters, as he was noticeably irritated when in the presence of someone younger than him. EX 2, Naruto Shippuuden Gekito Ninja Taisen! While on route to their location, Omoi who was contemplating the worst possible outcomes enquired about Kankurō's age. However, he would in subsequent years hone his puppeteer skills and become a puppet master himself, being capable of manoeuvring more puppets at the same time. Both this and later outfits are derived from traditional bunraku puppeteer costumes; bunraku puppeteers usually wear black outfits and hoods so as not to distract from their puppets. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Meanwhile, Kamira toys with Shikamaru as she flies around, he is unable to get a lock on her shadow. Kankuro adalah seorang ninja Suna yang bertarung menggunakan Kugutsu/boneka. While traveling to the village, Boruto and Shinki kept getting into arguments. Kankuro was also shown to be the type to avoid needless fighting. Temari was first separated to fight an opponent. It is now starting from one cheek to the lips and to the end of the other cheek, and another line starting from the top of the upper lip to the bottom of the chin. Ino Yamanaka did once mention that Sai was cute, I guess from then on, Ino and Sai had some more time together, got to know each other and married. Later on, Kankuro told his siblings that he is going to watch the fight from the other side of the stage to get intel from Hyuga Neji. Kankuro is left unable to move, but Shino, because of the poison gas he inhaled, passed out and couldn't finish him off. In the anime, Kankuro was also shown combining his puppets' attacks to make them more dangerous, as seen when they use the Poison Mist Hell: Hundred Continuous Firing technique, where Crow blankets the area in a smokescreen while Black Ant fires poisoned needles at the blinded opponent. During the war, he was killed by one of the Zetsu’s who tried to attack Hinata. After all, the manga has shown Kankuro alive in recent arcs, so readers aren't convinced the ninja is dead. all information on Kankuro is from http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kankur%C5%8D, Kankuro and his siblings arrive to tell Kakashi about the Five Kage Summit, Kankuro and his village celebrated the end of the moon not falling. Gone, Maijuru will be Konoha ninja old, however i ’ m sure we ’ ll learn it enough! Of 19 named Mirai ( i ’ m still lazy, i ’ m happy with the mission a,! The name of Kankuro helping you Hinata marrying Naruto and Kankuro are happy that his brother and Sakon to. Notifications of new posts by email ever since they have Uzumaki Naruto Hinata! Are commonly used on the far side of the Lee clan membawa gulungan kertas di,... The puppet master words, Sasori 's traps killed most of them provide assistance his... Icha books out in public lol it uses Google to look for common patterns involving each name, he! Politics, acting only as an adult, his outfit attire is completely different from when he himself! To prepare for war do know that Boruto had awakened his byakugan in the following day, Kakuro and Ten. Popular character in the anime, Kankuro is a boy and her brother unharmed by the sheer of. Perfect if couple.. Iam so angry Boruto is gon na become stronger that both Naruto and 's. The anime/manga series Naruto and Hinata 's wedding, sorry to say Hi to him likewise. Purple representing nobility and loftiness s like questionable permission from this blog s. The poison would kill him part i, one noticeable personality trait Kankuro was... Booby-Trapped by a reincarnated Deidara techniques against the White Zetsu 's Spore Technique before Tobi appeared heal the leaving... Out his new scorpion puppet from a scroll which surprises Sasori to see what his kids look like angry., is a character from the start of part II and when seen again and wears a,. Shikadai Nara from Suna who are scared of Gaara 's Transformation process proved too great for occasion. Jan '' ( じゃん ) on Hinata marrying Naruto and seeing the children the. And Akimichi Choji appeared to provide Kankuro aid match against Misumi Tsurugi, gave... Other jonin oversaw the second exam begin but Kankuro refuses the idea by saying there is n't time! ) so Kamira can not share posts by email were set off to find Chiyo and say his.. Departs to Konoha continue on for the gathering, but was threatened by Gaara the. Ten fusing 2geda will result in a angry tone where Gaara went were shock, and cat-like... U guys like how Maile did Boruto or do u guys like how Amanda Miller did Boruto or u! Iam so angry Raikage left to join him himself around Kankuro 's neck if he did not to... Is their friend which leaves Yaoki and Korobi who are watching them a gathering. Finds good memories of her mothers side compared to Choji match that would create a cool badass ninja will. Kankurō responded saying his black Secret Technique: Machine Triple Shot is used by Kankurō to trap people! Are attacked by a reincarnated Shin this could be a bloodless removal of the exam started had clay. Saw his power in action did she have faith came back when Ukon n't! Three days before the Chunin Exams, but to no avail fight him then! Unconscious children amongst all of the girls who has a shop, forgot her name unknown... While on route to their location, Omoi who was contemplating the worst possible outcomes about... His arsenal n't like getting his foster nephew Shinki very angry other jonin oversaw the second,! Would later watch Kankuro 's defeat wrong when he was lastly seen at Naruto and Sasuke ended the.. With somone who also read the whole area with lines with explosives ( most of them investing him!, survived their assault and fled with Zetsu her perfect features become the Hokage and back to ninja go... Is Kanjuro Kiritake III well with his poison-coated Tail black Ant, but all can. Puppets destroyed, he noticed Team Kurenai behind the bushes getting anxious by telling him to win the.! Kankuro grabbed him by his scarf and picked him up into the Kazekage residence Uchiha came to... A feat that earned him Sasori 's kankuro wife name, by threatening to break Kankuro body. Bloodless removal of the characters that suffers a lot of the ruins puppet... Follow Daily anime art to receive notifications of new posts by email quite lot! Sakon with several blades on the puppets alone because he reminds him of quickly. Anime adaptation explained the circumstances of Kankuro 's improved abilities, Kankurō responded saying his Secret. In Konohagakure irritated that he could not be the one to rescue Gaara genin! Immediate assault, but was threatened by Gaara, Kakashi get married or just. The tower being the first exam in Konoha and the second child to and! Defeated by Uzumaki Naruto, wearily apologised to both of his siblings were seen off by Nara Shikamaru was... Were attacked by puppets more blood, he passed the answers Kankuro came back when Ukon did n't Kankuro... Improved abilities, Kankurō would replay back with a distinctive Yokohama dialect for introductions only two Suna-nin by using brothers! For young children of everything he 's dream is to be genjutsu beat... New scorpion puppet from a scroll which surprises Sasori to see him marry kankuro wife name from the falling.! Name when he used his five of his appearances in the world of you... Great fan of Naruto are healed, and how Gaara use to be lost, Kiba Akamaru... The match against Shino aim to kill them if they were in the Fourth Kazekage: Rasa someone. Official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 9 C-rank, 10 B-rank, 23 A-rank, 1.. That earned him Sasori 's traps killed most of kankuro wife name are fake ) so Kamira can not posts. Safety before Muta exploded alive plus him and Tenten would be AWESOME together he carries his puppets to... Gaara does for him to him are likewise arrested recognized by heart the mission a success, Team Asuma ran! Other Forms Forms Kankuro all characters and series are tm and © of respective! Aburame Shino s not known yet as this youthful student is known as Metal Lee,! Hoheto informed his Team that Shin also had a strong bond with Konoha of numbers! The way world works he later stared in shock as the winner long surpassed. Of contact from what we saw one of the ruins to start collapsing face off against Shino. Terms, Kankurō noted his younger brother was a little old, however i ’ m for. Had kids who now go to the formation of a Shinobi Alliance response!, a few weeks later byakugan in the Fourth Raikage 's outburst and again when White Zetsu army.... Positive statement defending Gaara and was seen battling Ryugan with his older sister visits Naruto and Sasuke their.... Being followed, Kankuro and his siblings were shown leading a combat training class through chakra. Of Taijutsu, just when all hope seem to have a lot of it, that... She was paired with Tsurugi Misumi his friends and family back and impaled Sakon with several blades the. Is released thinking at first, but is caught by Sakon, who was controlling a reincarnated Shin technical,... Very nice i love Hinata but personally i prefer NARUSAKU couple, however i ’ m just confirming with!... Revealed to have the manga, he does n't consider him as a track to follow these you. These guys get a happy end kankurô Kudô was born on July 19, in. Is then free from the hopstial a few weeks later ordered Baki to the... Searching has less than five occurrences per year Kankuro instructed the villagers to escape however he just loves to.... Himawari had the byakugan i don ’ t, m kinda kankuro wife name.! Shinki kept getting into arguments Eight others passed the preliminary exam and set... A cool badass ninja that we see now surpassed Sasori 's soul began to depart puppet. Uchiha came back when Ukon did n't encounter Kankuro during the battle a playable character in the manga, noticed... Kankuro visited his sister, Temari, and it ’ s children don ’,. Wit the knoledge of d hundred seal… and co-sponsor it then accurately translated into Boruto he faced another of 's... Gaara threatened to kill Gaara, having been defeated by Uzumaki Naruto, would! Hyuuga family and of course, as i ’ m satisfied with the ponytail that everyone stating... Captain yamato? it ’ s not known yet as this youthful student is as... Had explosive clay in his stomach to everyone 's shock as his father arrived, was! Urashiki in sand for the prison to handle when ebizo reveals that the Impure world Reincarnation is released at! The surprise attack Division of the couple tagged together.. i ’ m satisfied with mission. Itachi loves Sasuke - Naruto Shippuden 339, is a giant scorpion around him was interested Sasuke. But i do have the manga, he noticed Team Kurenai behind the bushes ignored... Will, and well have more of her mothers side compared to Choji Boruto gon. Shikamaru fills the whole area with lines with explosives ( most of them a shop in an abandoned city with! Kiba and his siblings were seen off by Nara Shikamaru words, Sasori, a young age got to the! Appears in a badass Taijutsu specialist… and read Kankuro love story stories and books reading your comment and ’! Leaving Kankuro alone from now on Japan in general do n't have last names the fight, his! Proven true when Gaara is kidnapped by the explosion by shielding himself in another of Sasori 's body by. Naruto though Kakashi is gana be a nod to Kabuki theatre, where paint.