Started in January 2019 and with an expected duration of 4 years, ZDMP project’s objective is to develop a platform for manufacturing companies to access in an interactive and interoperable way to develop, use and store services and applications that allow attaining zero defects in products and processes and achieve excellence in production activities.

CONSULGAL is a member of the implementing consortium comprising 30 companies from 10 countries (Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland), with general coordination by UNINOVA (Portugal) and project management by ICE – Information Catalyst Entreprise (United Kingdom).

The consortium includes software development, IT solutions development and industrial user companies, covering four activity sectors: Automotive, Machinery and Tools, Electronics and Construction.

CONSULGAL coordinates the construction case-study that includes 4 other Portuguese companies: PT Mills Lda. (industrial equipment producer), Flexefelina S.A. (metal pipes producer), CEI – Companhia de Equipamentos Industriais Lda. (industrial machinery producer) and LONGARITO (natural stone products).

The purpose of the case-study is to assess the platform’s usability, efficacy and efficiency at developing IT solutions intended for a construction process, aiming at zero-defects objective in product and/or process, from materials manufacture up to their installation at the works site and operation.

The project’s website can be accessed through www.zdmp.eu

2019 - 2023

Open Newsletter 1st Edition


The vf-OS project, an acronym for Virtual Factory Operating System, funded by the European Union's Program 'Horizon 2020', was formally launched on October 1st. The project’s purpose is to develop an open Operating System for Virtual Factories, including a Virtual Factories System Kernel (vf-SK), an Interface for Virtual Factory Applications Programming (vf-API) and Virtual Factories Middleware (vf-MW), specifically designed for the factory of the future.
The project’s final result will be an open use kit for applications development (vf-OAK) and for Manufacturing Smart Apps implementation meant for the industrial users. This kit will be made available through a Manufacturing Apps Store (vf-mApp) in a Virtual Factory Platform (vf-P). Thus, similarly to the use of Google Play Store or the AppStore to get Android or iOS applications, in the future it will be possible to access the vf-mAPP to get applications specifically designed for manufacturing industry.
CONSULGAL participates in vf-OS integrated in a consortium of 14 companies from 7 countries (Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania), as the demonstrator of the Operating System’s utilization in the construction/works supervision field.

Period: 2016 - 2019

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