CONSULGAL takes part in the Liget Project, Hungary

CONSULGAL just saw its cooperation with Hungary reinforced in the field of Engineering and Management Consultancy, through its Portuguese-Hungarian subsidiary - HUNGAL. It will provide Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Works Supervision services to the Liget Project, in Budapest.

CONSULGAL recognized as a DGERT Certified Training Entity

Following the certification application process, CONSULGAL is now recognized as a Certified Training Entity. Thus all training - performed  internally or provided to clients - will be certified.
It is a milestone in CONSULGAL's life - another recognition that will improve its performance and expand the range of products and services provided to our clients.

CONSULGAL on the President Cavaco Silva’s entourage during the State Visit to Bulgary and Romania

CONSULGAL took part of the President’s state visit to Bulgary and Romania, amongst 24 other portuguese companies, between the 15th and the 18th of June. Eng. Bruno Vaz and Eng. Diogo Mota were CONSULGAL’s representatives in Bulgary and Romania, respectively.
The goal was to identify and promote new business and investment opportunities, in countries where CONSULGAL already have operating branches.

Consulgal at the Conference "Invest in Romania"

On the 04th of June 2015, CONSULGAL participated in the Conference "Invest in Romania". The Conference was organized by AICEP and it was held at AICEP Portugal Global auditorium, in Lisbon.  Invited by the Department of Foreign Investments and Public-Private Partnership, Eng. Diogo Pinto Mota, Regional Executive Director of Central & Eastern Europe, joined the group of invited companies’ representatives with “Portuguese success stories in Romania”.

Consulgal at the Water for Development Conference

Consulgal participated in the Conference ‘Water for Development – Bridges and Partnerships on Portuguese-speaking countries’, that took place on the 7th and 8th of May, at Teatro Rivoli (Oporto). Eng. Rogério Monteiro Nunes, invited by "Parceria para a Água" and "Águas do Porto", joined the 3rd panel of speakers, entitled “Corporate Perspectives and Testimonials.”