I can find it on the Internet pretty easily, though. What does the word porra mean? 11887 views. And the three first seconds of this video will show you how to imitate puxa: A translator I really like said something I carry along with me forever. Submit. The Porras family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1851 and 1920. A is for able, for you surely are. Back to Top. The most Porras families were found in the USA in 1920. P.o.r.r.a means damm, We say when we upset, or find something absurd. 1 Answer. ". For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Seriously, what does "porra" mean? And here’s the story. Wikipedia pt. start speaking Portuguese now! Noun . 0. votes. First, the Portuguese have a word of their own that comes — seemingly — from the same source we’ve been analyzing here. Yep, that's it. The expression ‘ vai se foder ‘ is very common. It means “jizz”. ― Get this shit out of here! O is for original, one of a kind! June 7, 2019 at 3:39 pm “porra”is the most common word for “f%%k”. Perhaps it’s something people from São Paulo use? In Portugal “Bicha” does mean a queue. open_in_new Link to source ; warning Request revision ; Now if he returns to me to preach again sometimes, I am going to kick so great to him in the buttock that it will have to use a wheelchair! And this expression means — to reprimand, to scold, to tell off. more_vert. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Porras to us below . In 1880 there were 11 Porras families living in Texas. And as a verb, it is used to insult people. For the ones performing professional translations from Portuguese to English, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful. Not many people would say those derivatives must be avoided — they distanced themselves from their source material and lost some of the shocking factor. Hope you love this Dica! cum. Brazilian interjection to show yourself surprised with something, common in the south of São Paulo state. For example, we can use it when we are angry at someone or about something. fuckery. But do you have to learn all of them? Yes, but…. Used as a noun, it means the sexual act. 13% English. In order for you to learn European or Brazilian Portuguese, obviously you need to start by knowing some words. But in Brazil, it doesn’t really mean anything. Citations:cara: …Quando saíam, de cinco em cinco, tinham que passar pelo grupo de agentes que iam baixar a porrada. The real translation of Porra is sperm but it can also be used in different contexts. Can be simplified to "eta". If you want to know what it means, how to use it properly, and as a bonus learn lots of colloquial expressions, read on. Perhaps you have noticed or probably not, but Portuguese is strong in derivative words. Boas! rubbish! You want to look angry when you curse aloud. But English has a more varied vocabulary, especially when it comes to verbs. The login page will open in a new tab. Tell us which Portuguese lesson you would like to learn . Alt. And if you feel comfortable sharing it with me, is there anything like porra in your native language? In this case, it’s usually accompanied by another interjection, “EITA”. One-on-One Portuguese Lessons with Guaranteed Results. Alt. We don’t usually employ it to show our accordance with something. What does Porra mean in Portuguese - A Dica do Dia - YouTube After logging in you can close it and return to this page. 7%. ; ¡a la porra el ministro! Fredrik Zhang. (Interested in more history? You know that moment when you feel so much pain that words cannot express? See also the related category hebrew. Of course not. All directs reserved. We often make the first syllable nasal when porra takes this meaning. It’s our way of attaching emotion and new interpretations to worn-out expressions and words. They use it as comma when they are talking to friends. We love appending suffixes and prefixes to words. When I say words, I mean vocabulary (European or Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary). In the northeast … 'Força' means Strenght.' I’m Tim and I’m a student at Rio & Learn. English Translation. And by extension, it also went on to denote the sperm. porra. Pronounce Porra [ syll. It involves yelling, long faces, and lots of frowning. Yes! Cited Source. Now, it's time to improve. (muy_familiar); (¡mentira!) We hope this will help you in … “When you use curse words in a foreign language naturally, that’s when you’re getting really good at the language in question.”. Hi! This expression reminds me of my time in a logistics company in Brazil. Well, Porra is the perfect word for it. Como o Paulo fracassou no projeto que nem devia ter começado. Etymology . The expression Pois não in Portuguese Read the whole thing so you can see all the different meanings. What does Porra mean in Portuguese? They’ll certainly find a novel way to express their ideas with this word. What does Porra Mean in Portuguese? Short and sweet, it's a "cute guy". Olha, cara, eu não sei nem o que te dizer. Palavrão means literally big word which can be translated in bad or ugly word, and dizer/falar palavrões (to say/ to talk) is to use obscene language. Portuguese Se vieres com esse papo outra vez, dou-te tanta porrada que serás o único de cadeira de rodas no céu. More meanings for porra. Tchau! If you want to learn Porra in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Portuguese to English. fuck noun, verb. Not a problem if you are one. Porra' can mean many things.It is used more as a very bad word when you are anrgy and wants to inveigh.And when you do that,it is just bad. porradas: porradas (Portuguese) Noun porradas Plural of porrada. porra - translate into English with the Portuguese-English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary What does Porra mean in Portuguese - A Dica do Dia - Duration: 1:54. And we normally describe things and people with that. Share. (familiar); mandar a algn a la porra to tell sb to go to hell (familiar); send sb packing; ¡vete a la porra! Do you have to use them naturally from the start? And of course, if you want to dive a little deeper and expand your ability to express vulgarity (not judging! no way! What does Porra mean? Subscribe to A Dica do Dia and get short, daily lessons in Portuguese completely free. Porras Means. facebook twitter pinterest google+ linkedin . Rua Siqueira Campos 16, SBL 202 Copacabana - 22031-070 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil © 2016 Rio & Learn. What does Porra mean in English? updated Nov 18, 2009. posted by 0068e2f4 /: - remove ads. For example, we can use it when we are angry at someone or about something. Porra Means. Portuguese Dou porrada pelo mundo fora. But when we did poorly, everyone was scolded. Portuguese Wikipedia has an article on: porra. And in time, esporrar (the word “esporro” comes from) means “to ejaculate”. O joelho is the knee. get out! Check it out here, entirely in Portuguese.). The expression Eu, hein! Origin of Porras. porra f (plural porras) (Brazil, vulgar) semen; cum, jizz Synonyms: sêmen, esperma (Portugal, vulgar) penis Synonym: pénis shit, fuck; (often worthless) stuff, thing Synonyms: coisa, merda, caralho, porcaria, droga. But if you aren’t, you know the feeling. I will start with the meaning and then I’ll give you the story. link text. And if you’ve never worked in this kind of job, just know that being united with your friends helps more than does harm. Please log in again. Even if you don’t use it — and please, don’t do it if you’re not sure you can use it — it’s good for you to understand how and when Brazilians employ it. You can’t mistake it — its abrupt pronunciation and the usual intonation Brazilians employ to make it stand out in any conversation. – Vamo Bora Go – Bora Bastard – Veado (does not mean the same thing but has the same conversational value) Smash – Arrebentar Finish him/her – Péga Locked Position – Posição Encaixada Pushup – Flexão Situp – Abdominal Strech – Alongamento Traitor/ Scumbag – Creonte But it tends to be more intense than those words I have listed in English. ; ¡una porra! (familiar); ¡a la porra! To be dead drunk. I looked it up in the dictionary and was given the answers, club or truncheon but is there another meaning for it? Do Caralho, Tell us which Portuguese lesson you would like to learn. Submit. Remember, we’re going from a taboo word that is employed in a variety of situations. It is not listed within the top 1000 names. It’s a way to differentiate it immediately from its anger-y connotation. Meaning P is for patience, the best of you! Go to hell = Vete a la porra. Today we are going to learn the word Porra. Of the five uses listed, you really want to avoid this one. Meaning P is for passion, your fire! This was about 85% of all the recorded Porras's in the USA. Damn – Porra Let’s go! Reply. Uma joelhada is a knee-kick. R is for rewards, from your hard work. And here’s the story. If you’ve interacted with any Brazilian friends for some time, you’ve probably heard the word porra in Portuguese. porra translation in Portuguese - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'porrada',porre',portar',porretada', examples, definition, conjugation (And in person I normally blush when I relay this etymological adventure, but it’s just me and you… So The word porra originally described something that looked like a small truncheon. It’s being reappropriate by the gay community to mean “Twink” or a more flamboyant person. Praguejar (Portugal) and Xingar (Brazil) is to swear, to curse. Reply. But heed, Oh foreign speakers..! Texas had the highest population of Porras families in 1880. 1:54. Mas que porra é essa? You’ll end up sounding like a teenager. We don’t use it. Even though this is a positive connotation, it’s is still a vulgar word. Portuguese. ok, its like if you were a great man, or an awesome dude, like in english when you say "What a man", it reffers to someone who represents all the guys in the world (of course, its just a joke) but its like EXTREMELY informal, "homão" (big guy, or big man) its the augmentative of "homem" wich means "man" and the other word "porra" its a bad word in brazilian portuguese, so be careful to whom youre going to … By learning the most common Portuguese words, you can start speaking straight away! |homão da porra means like "Big Fucking Man"|@rafaeltoshitaro erro de digitação|@Bluefaiiry Not at … Do not use it unless you have to. But Brazilians use it all the time in a variety of situations. What does Coxinha mean in Portuguese? porra, foder, caralho, trepar, coito. They would understand the Brazilian version, but would more likely say “bichinha” instead to differentiate. You speak Portuguese. It’s pronounced with a long O and the X sounds like SH. I was a blue-collar worker for a long time. in Portuguese As an adjective, it means something is really cool! This lang used when something is surprisingly good or bad, but can be used in many different ways. What does Porra mean in Portuguese? The real translation of Porra is sperm but it can also be used in different contexts. Take a look: Well, that’s it for today guys. Here, the intonation is key. Search for Portuguese Dicas. go to … Porra's language of origin is Hebrew. ¡porras! A hit, a blow, a punch, a beating… This word and compresses it all. Because of the long O, we sometimes shorten it to “pô” rather than “poxa”.