Lisbon Airport

Lisbon - Portugal

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Lisbon Airport

Client: ANA, S.A.

Period: 04/2015 – 01/2017


ANA-VINCI has developed several projects for the rehabilitation of Lisbon Airport, and the present works contract for “Replacement of the Wear Layer of Runway 03-21 – Civil Construction and Light Signaling – and Infrastructure for CAT II/III On Runway 03“ aimed to improve the surface conditions of the pavement of runway 03-21”.  This works contract also included the remodelling of rainwater drainage, within the scope of the services affected and the paving of the PAPIS protection area (Precision Approach Path Indicator).

Project value: € 15 448 930

Scope of services: Technical Supervision, Quality Control, Safety and Health Coordination in the Work Phase and Environmental Inspection of the Works Contract.