Calheta Hydroelectric Expansion Undertaking

Madeira - Portugal

Hydraulic Engineering | Dams and Hydro Facilities | Project Management and Works Supervision

Calheta Hydroelectric Expansion Undertaking

Client: EEM – Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira, S.A.

Period: 04/2017 – 08/2021


The Calheta Hydroelectric Expansion project included the construction of a dam, which will create a strategic water reserve for the island of Madeira of around 1 100 000 m³, the installation of 17.7 MW of pumping power, the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant with 30 MW of hydropower and the addition of 25 MW of wind power, which will translate into an increase in hydroelectric power production of 26 GWh and an annual production of wind power estimated at 61 GWh.

Project value: € 58 094 022

Scope of services: Supervision, Safety Coordination at Work, Environmental and Archaeological Monitoring and Contracts Risk Management.