Picote Hydroelectric Power Plant

Sandim - Portugal

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Picote Hydroelectric Power Plant

Client: EDP, S.A.

Period: 2007 - 2012


The Picote II new hydroelectric power plant started operation in 2011 and increased by 125 percent the existing system’s power production. The hydraulic circuit has its intake 100m from the dam’s right abutment and includes a grid, a cofferdam gate and two guard gates, a 300m long pressure gallery/tunnel with a diameter of 10.7m, a 150m long tailrace with a 11.3m diameter, equipped with two cofferdam gates and tailwater located about 120m downstream of the dam, a 170m high technical shaft for cabling and ventilation with a 4.3m net diameter, several types of galleries (accesses, etc.), with a total length of approximately 1600m, a cofferdam in the water intake, a cofferdam in the tailwater section and another cofferdam located downstream of the tailwater section.  The works also comprised landscaping/environmental recovery and other complimentary works.

Project value: € 101 501 186

Scope of services: Supervision of civil works, of hydromechanical equipment supply and of complementary works.