Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Plant

Torre de Moncorvo - Portugal

Hydraulic Engineering | Dams and Hydro Facilities | Project Management and Works Supervision

Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Power Plant

Client: EDP, S.A.

Period: 2008 - 2017


The Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Project is located on the Sabor River, a tributary of the Douro, in the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo, Bragança. Its purpose is the production of electricity, having entered into service in 2014. The undertaking consists of two dams in two steps (Upstream, with a crest of 505 m and a height of 123 m, and Downstream, with a crest of 315 m and a height of 45 m. m) both comprising pit hydroelectric plants, housing two generator sets fed by two independent underground hydraulic circuits. The undertaking is equipped with reversible groups, enabling better production management and optimization of the entire downstream Douro waterfall. The combined production of both dams is 444 GWh, with the created reservoirs occupying a combined area of 3020 ha and a storage volume of 112,500 m3, more than doubling the water storage capacity in the Portuguese Douro.

Project value: € 374 069 027

Scope of services: Management and Supervision of Civil Construction Contracts, Supply of Hydromechanical Equipment and Complementary Work.