The 1st construction contract for the Central and University Hospital of Madeira, whose construction supervision and coordination is under the responsibility of a Consortium led by CONSULGAL, is nearing completion.

This first phase of construction concerns the excavation and peripheral containment, preparing the work site for the start of the 2nd construction contract, comprising structures and landscaping, which is expected to start in November 2022.

Well done to our team involved in this project!

On October 21, 2022, at its new facilities, CONSULASIA signed a new protocol with CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Company Limited (CCCC3).

As part of a policy of strategic consolidation in the Asian market, CONSULASIA has been strengthening partnerships, in particular with the aim of cementing its position in the Greater Bay Area market, which is already under development.

In this context, on October 21, 2022, at its new facilities, CONSULASIA signed a new protocol with CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Company Limited (CCCC3), a subsidiary company of a gigantic Chinese conglomerate, CCCC – China Communications Construction Company Limited (

The partnership with CCCC3 began in June 2010 with the signing of a first memorandum of understanding in Macau at the headquarters of CONSULASIA. In October of the same year, CONSULASIA visited the CCCC3 offices in Shanghai where a new cooperation agreement was ratified and signed.
Among the cooperation carried out between the two companies, the different phases of the Zone A landfill project stand out, which currently constitutes the most important support base for urban development and construction in Macau.

This new agreement will pave the way for an increase in inter-enterprise cooperation promoting better conditions to face the new challenges, in particular those inherent to the development of this extraordinary megalopolis “Canton-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area”.

CONSULGAL’s experience in ANGOLA is deeply rooted in Water Supply and Sanitation Projects.

We are proud to announce that a Consortium led by CONSULGAL has successfully concluded, in June 2022, the Contract for the “Design Review and Construction Supervision of the Water Supply Network and Household Connections in the City of Huambo – Lot 2”.

The objective of this project, led by the Government of the Republic of Angola, is part of the established objective of strengthening the institutional capacity and improving the efficiency of the Angolan government agencies in the water sector, with a view to improving the population’s access to the provision of water services.

As a result of this project, since May 2022, 16,634 homes are connected to the water supply network and have access to these services in the city of Huambo, Angola.

The most relevant aspects of the project are the following:

  • Supply network in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.
    • More than 157 km of Distribution Network in HDPE tube.
    • More than 6 km of Main Pipelines in HDPE pipe.
  • Hydromechanical accessories:
    • 3,279 isolating valves
    • 9 suction cups
    • 10 background downloads
    • 36 flowmeters
    • 276 shut-off valves
  • Home connections:
    • 16,634 home connections

The general objective of this consultancy contract was to review the water distribution network detailed design and supervise the construction works, as a representative of the Employer.

CONSULGAL started, in July 2022, the study and detailed design of the access to the Alfarelos Railway Terminal – 2nd phase, for Infraestruturas de Portugal.

This new road access covers the municipalities of Montemor-o-Velho and Soure, namely the parishes of Montemor-o-Velho, Gatões and Ulmeiro, starting at the existing roundabout connecting the A 14 – Motorway Figueira da Foz/ Coimbra (North), and ending at the EN 347 roundabout which guarantees access to the Montemor-o-Velho High Performance Centre, adjacent to the Rowing Track.

The variant under study will make it possible to correct the road structure at the municipal and sub-regional scale, as well as to improve accessibility conditions to the TMIP and the rapidly developing industrial zones located south of the Mondego River.

It will, thus, constitute a quick connection corridor through the A14 to the A1 and IP3 (east) and the A 17 (west), and a mobilizing project for the region. It will also be key for reducing the negative impacts that affect the population residing in the urban area of ​​Montemor-o-Velho, which is buffeted by the constant crossing of vehicles, especially heavy load traffic.

The variant will involve an investment of around €23 million and will include an 800m long viaduct.

COTEC Portugal – Associação Empresarial para a Inovação (Business Association for Innovation) awarded the COTEC Innovative Status 2022 to CONSULGAL.

The Innovative Status has as its central objectives, on the one hand, the promotion of public recognition of companies that, due to their innovation performance, constitute examples of value creation for the country and, on the other hand, the establishment of a network of partners that value this distinction, enhancing mutual benefits for innovative companies.

In the last 20 years, CONSULGAL has participated in several Research, Development and Innovation projects, most of them funded under the various programs launched by the European Commission in this field, namely FP7 and Horizon 2020. CONSULGAL is now preparing its participation in new projects, either under the Horizon Europe program or as part of national programmes.

On the 18th of April 2022, CONSULGAL, through its subsidiary Consulgal Perú, started the supervision of rehabilitation interventions on the Vicachani – Callabri – Sibayo road, in the province of Arequipa, Peru. The contract has an expected duration of 20 months.

With an investment of 210,911,327 Soles (equivalent to 46 million Euros), the intervention covers 4 sections of the road infrastructure, totaling 48 km, and is carried out at altitudes between 3909 meters and 4691 meters.

With the objective of improving the road pavement in the Province of Caylloma, Region of Arequipa, the project aims to guarantee a safe and efficient flow of traffic, maintaining a traffic speed according to the geographical conditions, thus reducing the operational costs of the vehicles, which will reflect in the reduction of transport costs to the area and in the improvement in the population’s quality of life.

This is the most recent of 11 contracts already implemented or being implemented by Consulgal in Peru, since 2019, through its branch in that country.

¡Enhorabuena Consulgal Peru!

CONSULGAL and CONSULGAL BRASIL are part of the ICC consortium responsible for supervising São Paulo Metro Line 2 – Green expansion works, the services having started on the 22nd of June 2022 and an expected duration of 63 months

The expansion works, with an investment value of 6.4 billion Reais (1,160 million Euros), will make of Line 2-Green the longest in the São Paulo Metro system, with 23 kilometers, connecting it to Line 3-Red in Penha.

This extension will have an average use of over 320 thousand passengers per working day and will be served by another 22 carriages on the line, leading to a decrease in travel times for São Paulo’s East Zone population (the most populous area in the city with approximately 5 million people) and to a redistribution of the passengers flow across the entire metro network.

The Consortium’s services cover the construction supervision of approximately 8.4 km of tunnels, conducted using the NATM and SHIELD (TBM) methods, of 4 of the 8 new stations of the extension (Vila Formosa, Santa Isabel, Guilherme Giorgi and Aricanduva) and the construction of the Rapadura Complex that will include Carriages Yard and Maintenance Workshops.

Congratulations to Consulgal Brasil team for yet another success!

22 years ago, on the 3rd of July 2000, the Madeira Airport runway extension started operation

This is a landmark in Consulgal’s history, as our company was responsible for project management and construction supervision both of the runway extension and of the airport terminal, support buildings and airport accesses, having been also involved in earlier works related to the length increase of the original runway.

This project, one of the most complex being implemented in the World at that time, winner of the Outstanding Structure Award 2004 by IABSE (International Association of Bridges and Structural Engineering), was essential for Madeira’s development and affirmation as leading tourist destination.

It was also essential for consolidation of Consulgal’s competences and experience on studies, design, management and construction supervision of airports, which allowed our company to implement projects of the same scope in other countries and to position itself as the most experienced Portuguese company in this field.

Thank you to all who participated in this project of which we are proud and congratulations to Madeira International Airport, presently Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

The Blue Economy is a key priority in the business development strategy of Consulgal

Consulgal was represented in the main events of the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon (27 june-1 July, 2022)

The UN Ocean Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, gathers representatives from 159 countries, and comes at a critical time as the world is seeking to mobilize public and private sector stakeholders, to find solutions to the problems affecting the oceans, to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

(in the photo, from left to right, Fausto Brito e Abreu (Consulgal), Madalena Callé Lucas (EDP) , Joana Vieira da Silva (APA))

Another plenary meeting of the Innovation project ZDMP – Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform, in which Consulgal participates as Construction pilot leader, took place from the 27th to the 30th of June, in Berlin

Hosted by DIN – Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation) and only 6 months away from the end of the project, the meeting allowed to assess the platform’s development status as well as that of the applications developed for the 4 pilots (Electronics, Construction, Machine Tools and Automotive), as well as define the final touches to the platform’s business model and the definition of new project dissemination actions.

Consulgal presented some of the apps developed for its pilot to the Advisory Board, a group of 4 external experts, being the only pilot to do this. Moreover, in the scope of the Gender Balance Team, in which Consulgal participates with 5 other consortium members, Consulgal was involved in the preparation of a draft guidance document that will be presented to the European Commission to be taken as reference for the promotion of gender balance in future Horizon Europe projects.

Thank you to Christian Grunewald for organising the meeting and for being and excellent host and thank you to all consortium partners for yet another inspiring and productive event.

Design and Supervision, a service built for infrastructures that require high resilience to extreme climate events.


CONSULGAL is the leader of a Consortium that develops solutions to improve the resilience of the infrastructures that will be rehabilitated under the reconstruction program in the city of Beira, in which the negative impacts of phenomena associated with climate change are mitigated.

The Contract with the “Gabinete de Recuperação Pós-Ciclone” (GREPOC) includes the design up to the detailed project and the supervision of the rehabilitation works of various infrastructures destroyed by cyclone Idai.

The technical solutions being developed are aligned with the principles of Build Back Better (BBB), thus ensuring resilient rehabilitation.

CONSULGAL consolidates its commitment to Maritime Economics, Environment and Renewable Energy

Hired as Management Board Assistant Director, Fausto Brito e Abreu has vast professional experience in the public sector, with extensive work in the areas of Maritime Economics and the Environment, having gained recognition in roles such as Director General of Maritime Policy and as Azores Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology.

Working directly with the Management Board, Fausto Brito e Abreu will be responsible for identifying new projects, partnerships and businesses in the areas of Maritime Economics, Environment and Renewable Energies, as well as in the fields of Innovation, Research and Development, Space, and Security and National Defense, including opportunities arising from the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

CONSULGAL’s commercial activity in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has been one of the company’s strategic priorities in recent years, whose visible expression has been the presence of CONSULGAL in the largest and most important projects in the region, with special emphasis on the supervision of public works of transport, energy and environment infrastructure.

The effort to maintain this prominent position in the RAM market has been accompanied by the strengthening of CONSULGAL’s technical staff, which has allowed it to respond to the requests of Clients in the region, resulting in the award of 7 new contracts in the past 6 months.

Congratulations to everybody in the Madeira Operations Division team!

CONSULGAL’s buiding and rehabilition design team reinforced by the creation of a new “Building and Special Structures Department”, managed by Paulo Reis

CONSULGAL is consolidating its growing potential in building and rehabilitation design, by the addition of Paulo Reis expertise, highly recognised  on the area, Ex President of the Southern Chapter of the Portuguese Engineers Association and founder of ESTIPLANO.

This reorganisation, became necessary by the growing demand in the industrial and real estate market, CONSULGAL adds skills in rehabilitation and building design to its large knowledge in bridges and special structures.

Classified as a large-scale project by the MTC, this road will provide greater safety to passers-by, as various landslides have been recorded in this area, justifying its classification as critical sector. Likewise, the construction of a tunnel will also prevent traffic to the center of Ollachea from being interrupted by falling rocks on the highway.

The Ollaechea Avoidance road extends 1274.00 m from South to North and starts at the junction of the future Ollaechea Tunnel at km 232 + 572.546. It, then, runs along the existing Interoceanica Sur highway until it meets the entrance to Ollaechea town, continues, adapting to the terrain morphology, through the 144.68 m long Bridge 1, followed by a sharp turn to finally cross the Osjo River ravine, through the sloped and curved 129.60 m long Bridge 2, connecting to the existing Interoceanica Sur highway at km 233 + 846.637.

The value of the works amount to USD 23 774 534 and are scheduled to end in February 2023, 28 months after starting.

Macao Infrastructure Development Office invited CONSULASIA to submit a proposal for the Public Housing Construction Works Supervision Services in Lot B4 in Zone A (Superstructure Work). The proposal submitted by CONSULASIA was approved and subsequently awarded directly, without tender. The project’s duration is 930 days.

The Project involves a team of 14 technicians, namely: civil engineer (team leader), assistant civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, four civil construction inspectors, two electrical inspectors, mechanical inspector, surveyor and two safety inspectors.

The construction work was awarded, through a public tender, to the Macanese company “Ming Shun Building Construction and Investment Company” for a global amount of MOP 1,296,500,000 (148.1 Million Euros).

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the construction works was made on March 30, 2022, including the traditional Blessing (locally called by “Bai San”), with the presence of representatives of the various entities involved, including Eng. Helder Santos, General Director of CONSULASIA.