Amoreira, Brinches and Serpa Dams

Serpa - Portugal

Hydraulic Engineering | Hydro-agricultural Facilities and Agricultural Irrigation Networks | Project Management and Works Supervision

Amoreira, Brinches and Serpa Dams

Client: EDIA, S.A.

Period: 2007 - 2009


The Amoreira, Brinches and Serpa dams are located on the left bank of the Guadiana, in the municipality of Serpa, and are part of the primary network of the Ardila Irrigation Subsystem, which will benefit approximately 28 000 ha of irrigated area. The purpose of these three earth dams is to supply water to irrigation perimeters and to supply other dams in the system. With heights that vary between 24 m and 34 m and crests between 431 m and 975 m, they represent a combined volume of water storage of 32 000 000 m³. The construction of these dams forced the restoration of 5,000 m of roads and national roads, as well as the construction of a road bridge.

Project value: € 22 610 556

Scope of services: Dams construction works supervision, technical management of the work under the terms of the dams safety regulation and planning, costs, quality, safety and administrative control of the execution works.