Research and Development

CONSULGAL has been participating for more than two decades in Engineering Research, Development and Innovation projects

funded by the European Union, aimed at improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the Construction industry, through the development of innovative technologies and solutions.

Zero Defects Manufacturing Plataform

Started in January 2019 and with a duration of 4 years, ZDMP project’s objective was to develop a platform for manufacturing companies to access in an interactive and interoperable way to develop, use and store services and applications that allow attaining zero defects in products and processes and achieve excellence in production activities.

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Virtual Factory Operatin System

The vf-OS project, an acronym for Virtual Factory Operating System, funded by the European Union’s Program ‘Horizon 2020’, was formally launched on October 2016. The project’s purpose was to develop an open Operating System for Virtual Factories, including a Virtual Factories System Kernel (vf-SK), an Interface for Virtual Factory Applications Programming (vf-API) and Virtual Factories Middleware (vf-MW), specifically designed for the factory of the future.

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Building Information Modelling

BIM is currently the construction industry’s new paradigm that will, in fact, change construction processes as well as behaviours, putting the focus on open and immediate sharing of technical information, produced by any intervening party, thus “shifting” the design effort to the pre-construction stage.  To this purpose, BIM resorts to the most advanced information technologies and to parametrical structure virtual models, needed to support the activities related to Design, Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, Energy Management, Waste Management, among others.

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Connect and Construct

Launched by the European Commission in 2013 with the duration of 2 years, the project aimed at improving the European construction industry’s competitiveness and efficiency, facilitating information and data exchange between sectorial companies in all stages of a construction life cycle.

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Future Internet for Total Manufacturing

FITMAN was part of the FI-WARE Programme, which was part of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP), started by the European Commission in 2010. Fi-WARE aimed at developing a new Internet service platform, composed of generic reusable blocks (software routines) that answered to the needs of various activity sectors.

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Supply Chain Management in Construction Industry

The project SUMMIT aimed at creating, implementing, testing and assessing a communication infrastructure based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to be used by the various stakeholders involved in construction.  This infrastructure’s purpose was the automation of orders, deliveries, invoicing and payments processes throughout the supply chain, developing organizational information flow systems connecting autonomous companies and tracking them to support intercompany coordination.

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Sattelite- Based remote Multiproject Reporting and Controlling in Construction Industry

The project’s objective was to allow efficient information sharing between members of a team, at any time and in any place, overcoming restrictions imposed by time and distance, allowing European construction companies, including Small and Medium Enterprises, to increase their competitiveness on the global market, through the implementation of innovative solutions for information access.

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Single European Electronic Market

The SEEMseed project aimed at contributing to the development and implementation of European policies related to the concept of Single Electronic European Market.  In that sense, the project contributed to the definition and development of a flexible technological structure for doing business electronically, having in mind language, cultural and economic issues of small and medium enterprises in the European space.

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