Organic Solid Waste Treatment Plant – Amadora

Amadora - Portugal

Environment | Solid Waste Collection and Treatment Systems | Project Management and Works Supervision

Organic Solid Waste Treatment Plant – Amadora

Client: VALORSUL, S.A.

Period: 2001 - 2009


The project included the Design, Construction and Supply   an Organic Solid Waste Treatment Plant, necessary for the treatment of urban solid wastegenerated in the areas of the municipalities in the North of Greater Lisbon. The Plant treats, through the anaerobic digestion process, with energy production, organic waste selectively collected in various sectors, with a processing capacity of 40 000t/year, in a 1st phase, and 60 000t/year, in a 2nd phase.

Project value: € 19 824 599ENTREPRISE

Scope of services: CONSULGAL provided services of Supervision, Quality Management and Safety and Health Coordination of the construction, including Monitoring and Coordination of the work, Planning Control, Quality Control and Management, Administrative Control and Safety Coordination and Management.