Organic Waste Recovery Plant at Seixal

Seixal - Portugal

Environment | Solid Waste Collection and Treatment Systems | Project Management and Works Supervision

Organic Waste Recovery Plant at Seixal

Client: AMARSUL, S.A.

Period: 10/2008 – 02/2015


The construction of the Seixal Organic Recovery Plant (CVO) began in October 2008. This plant has the capacity to annually receive around 150 thousand tons of waste received by AMARSUL, from the 9 municipalities of the Setúbal peninsula. The treatment process at this facility will allow the production of high-quality compost, which can be used as fertilizer in agriculture, and the production of electricity by burning the biogas produced in the cogeneration engines. The plant also includes the treatment of contaminated air and leachate produced in the various stages of the process.

Project value: € 29 248 412

Scope of services: The services provided by CONSULGAL included Construction Works Supervision, plus the Quality and Environment Management components, as well as the Health and Safety Coordination in the construction phase.