Completion of the Huambo water supply network construction supervision

Completion of the Huambo water supply network construction supervision

CONSULGAL’s experience in ANGOLA is deeply rooted in Water Supply and Sanitation Projects.

We are proud to announce that a Consortium led by CONSULGAL has successfully concluded, in June 2022, the Contract for the “Design Review and Construction Supervision of the Water Supply Network and Household Connections in the City of Huambo – Lot 2”.

The objective of this project, led by the Government of the Republic of Angola, is part of the established objective of strengthening the institutional capacity and improving the efficiency of the Angolan government agencies in the water sector, with a view to improving the population’s access to the provision of water services.

As a result of this project, since May 2022, 16,634 homes are connected to the water supply network and have access to these services in the city of Huambo, Angola.

The most relevant aspects of the project are the following:

  • Supply network in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.
    • More than 157 km of Distribution Network in HDPE tube.
    • More than 6 km of Main Pipelines in HDPE pipe.
  • Hydromechanical accessories:
    • 3,279 isolating valves
    • 9 suction cups
    • 10 background downloads
    • 36 flowmeters
    • 276 shut-off valves
  • Home connections:
    • 16,634 home connections

The general objective of this consultancy contract was to review the water distribution network detailed design and supervise the construction works, as a representative of the Employer.