Pampilhosa Station

Pampilhosa - Portugal

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Pampilhosa Station

Client: IP – Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA

Period: Since 2017


The project aimed to eliminate capacity constraints in the connection between the Northern Line and the Beira Alta Line and to improve operating conditions, in a context of improving the safety and reliability of the rail system. The project involved, among others, the creation of a direct connection in a single electrified track between the two Lines and the duplication of the track in 250 m from the Pampilhosa station on the Beira Alta Line, in a total of 8.5 km of intervened track, to allow the circulation, crossing and guarding of 750 m long freight trains at Pampilhosa station, renovation of lines, of the station building and of technical rooms. The track was designed for a design speed of 120 km/h (gauge 1 668 mm).

Project value: € 42 800 000

Scope of services: Elaboration of multidisciplinary studies and projects, involving Cartography and Topography, Geology and Geotechnics, Track, Earthworks, Drainage and Fencing, Fixed Electric Traction Installations, among others, and elaboration of “as-built” design.