Water Treatment Station in Boavista

Coimbra - Portugal

Environment | Project Management and Works Supervision

Water Treatment Station in Boavista

Client: Águas do Mondego, S.A.

Period: 2008 - 2010


This project, called Complexo da Boavista + Boavista II and Extension to the East Sector, was intended to supply around 60% of the population served by the Mondego/Bairrada Multimunicipal System, in the geographical area of the Municipalities of Coimbra and Miranda do Corvo. The works included the construction of a Water Treatment Station (DWTP) in Boavista, with a capacity of 129 600 m³/day and serving a population of 250 000, as well as all the supporting works, namely 3 water catchment wells, a pumping station, 21 500 m of adduction pipelines, 6 water reservoirs (26 000 m³ in total), administrative building and pressurizing pipes (3 630 m).

Project value: € 26 298 748

Scope of services: Works Supervision, Quality Management and Health and Safety Coordination.