Alcantarilha Water Treatment Plant

Algarve - Portugal

Environment | Water Collection and Treatment Systems | Project Management and Works Supervision

Alcantarilha Water Treatment Plant

Client: Águas do Algarve, S.A.

Period: 1998 - 2000


The Alcantarilha DWTP has a maximum production capacity of 259 000 m³/day, serving a population of 620 000 inhabitants, expected for the year 2025. Due to the seasonal nature of the population to be served, the DWTP consists of three parallel treatment lines, in order to meet the water supply needs, both in high and low seasons. The water treated at this DWTP is intended for ‘high pressure’ distribution to 9 municipalities in the center and Western Algarve, and, if necessary, can also be supplied to the Eastern Algarve through a reversible pumping station. The general treatment scheme was designed to respond to situations of loss of quality in the water catchment.

Project value: € 14 963 937

Scope of services: Construction works supervision, including planning and financial control, administrative control and quality control, and Quality Management for obtaining the LNEC (National Civil Engineering Laboratory) Quality Award.