Alcântara Waste Water Treatment Plant

Lisbon - Portugal

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Alcântara Waste Water Treatment Plant

Client: SIMTEJO, S.A.

Period: 2006 - 2014


The project consisted in the design/construction of the adaptation and completion of the Alcântara WWTP to increase the treatment level to secondary followed by disinfection, for a flow of 6.60 m3/s. This increase made it possible, additionally, to treat the rainwater associated with the first rains, with a significant pollutant load, corresponding to 3.30 m3/s. The nominal capacity in dry weather is 181,000m3/day and in wet weather 570, 240 m3/day, for a person-equivalent of 756,000. The treatment process comprises inflow area and preliminary treatment, primary treatment, biological treatment, disinfection, sludge treatment, deodorization. The project was subject to major urban constraints, resulting from the plant’s integration in the urban space, the limited space available, the need to use existing equipment and to maintain operation during the works.

Project value: € 71 876 994

Scope of services: Construction supervision, quality management and safety coordination on site, as well as  coordination of the operation and maintenance of the installation during pre-start and start-up periods of the work phases.