Satu Mare Wastewater Treatment Plant

Satu Mare - Romany

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Satu Mare Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: APASERV Satu Mare, S.A.

Period: 2012 - 2017


Satu Mare district is located in northwest Romania and has a population of ca. 365 000 inhabitants, 113 000 of which live in the municipality of Satu Mare. With the purpose of achieving 100% access by the population to water supply and wastewater collection systems, 15 works contracts were implemented in 12 locations in the District, including the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants (capacities between 5 000 and 155 000 people -equivalent), rehabilitation of drinking water treatment plants (capacities between 15 and 65 l/s), construction/rehabilitation of 106 km of drinking water network and 152 km of sewage network.

Project value: € 100 000 000

Scope of services: Construction supervision, performing the duties of the ‘Engineer’ according to FIDIC conditions of contract, including, among others, verification of the detailed design, quantities and costs control, quality management and control, Health and Safety legal requirements monitoring, complaints and variations analysis.