Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Quality and control services
for hydraulic systems

With specialized technical staff with multidisciplinary capabilities and extensive experience, CONSULGAL is specialized in ​​Hydraulics, providing services for hydroelectric and hydro-agricultural developments and river flood control.

CONSULGAL was responsible for the project management and works supervision services for the Baixo Sabor hydroelectric dam, for which the company received the Secil Civil Engineering Award in 2014.

For the Odeleite-Beliche Multiple Purpose Hydraulic System, CONSULGAL provided services both for the study of the organization, tariff and management system of the water collection and distribution, as well as for its operation and maintenance. Also noteworthy are the Alto Tâmega and Picote hydroelectric dams in Portugal and the Francisco Gros hydroelectric dam in Espírito Santo State, Brazil.

As examples for works for river regularization and their embankment protection, CONSULGAL has made the design review of the Oeiras seaside walk and the works supervision of the access road and beach protection in Porto Grande, Cape Verde.

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