Leading Green Initiatives: Consulgal’s Work in Aquaculture 🐟 🐚 🦀

Leading Green Initiatives: Consulgal’s Work in Aquaculture 🐟 🐚 🦀

Consulgal is steadfast in its dedication to sustainable development , particularly in the field of aquaculture.

Our committment dates back to 1996-1997 with the planning, licensing, procurement support and construction supervision of the Quinta do Norte fishfarms in North Portugal.

Leveraging our extensive experience in maritime works, we are forging innovative approaches to responsible fishfarming 🐟.

Our expert engineers are utilizing their proficiency in maritime projects to craft sustainable aquaculture solutions, ensuring both environmental stewardship and economic viability. These endeavors reflect our ongoing commitment to lead green initiatives and create lasting value for our communities 🤝.

We are already helping promoters developing their projects in this field and invite further industry professionals and stakeholders to engage with us as we shape a responsible and prosperous future in aquaculture 🌊.