Budapest Metro – Line M2

Budapest - Hungary

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Budapest Metro – Line M2

Client: Budapest Transport Ltd. – BKV Zrt.

Period: 2004 - 2008


The East-West Budapest Metro Line 2 (M2) is an essential, high-capacity facility that provides public transport to the city of Budapest for over 30 years.  The line crosses the river Danube, under the riverbed, and connects nine very busy junctions.  Nine of its 11 stations are located underground, whilst 2 are at the surface. Line M2 Renovation consisted of water insulation of underground facilities (tunnels), renovation of station buildings, railway track reconstruction, renovation of power supply track and power supply facilities, installation of railway safety equipment and railway telecommunication equipment, construction of escalators, of public elevators for disabled persons and of pedestrian subways, installation of fire protection, safety systems, passenger information and ticketing systems. The project was financed by the European Investment Bank.

Project value: € 170 000 000,00

Scope of services: Supervision of the reconstruction works, performing the functions of the ‘Engineer’ in accordance with FIDIC contractual conditions, including planning control, financial control, reporting to the European Investment Bank, monitoring of compliance with the detailed design, quality control, control of Health and Safety conditions at work.