São Paulo Metro – Line 15 (Silver)

São Paulo - Brazil

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São Paulo Metro – Line 15 (Silver)

Client: Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo - METRÔ

Period: 2013 - 2021


Line 15 (Silver) connects the districts of Ipiranga and Cidade Tiradentes and integrating the Vila Prudente, Sapopemba, S. Mateus and Cidade Tiradentes Bus Terminals. The line will have a total length of 26.6 km on a double track monorail, the tracks consisting of guide beams, in reinforced concrete, 30m long and 70cm wide, on reinforced concrete pillars with heights varying between 12 and 15 m and 1m diameter. There will be 18 elevated stations, with heights varying between 12 and 15 m. The system has a design speed of 80 km/h and will have the capacity for an estimated daily demand of 550 000 passengers. The rolling stock consists of 54 trains of 7 carriages with a capacity for 1 000 passengers and a length of 85 m.

Project value: € 942 000 000

Scope of services: General track layout, detailed design for 15 of the stations and the Ragueb Chohfi PMO, consisting of gates 1 and 2, electrical substation, telecommunications building, water tower, maintenance building, administrative building. The detailed design included, among others, the specialties of architecture, foundations, concrete and metallic structures, redevelopment and landscaping, hydraulic installations, drainage and paving.