Modernization of the Sines Line between Raquete and Ermidas do Sado

Sines - Portugal

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Modernization of the Sines Line between Raquete and Ermidas do Sado

Client: IP - Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A.

Period: 12/2016 – 06/2020


The Sines Railroad Modernization Project between Raquete and Ermidas do Sado stations aimed to eliminate a constraint on the National Railway Network and improve the rail connection between the Port of Sines and the national and European logistics platforms, in order to achieve an efficient and competitive rail freight. The rectification of the existing Sines Line was studied, both in plan and in longitudinal profile, in a 72 km section, in order to allow speeds of 120 km/h and the insertion of two technical stations to allow alternate circulation of trains, elimination of level crossings and inclusion or adaptation of 19 notable structures. A Bypass to the Sines Line (Santiago do Cacém Variant or Corridor B) was also studied, with a length of about 17.5 km, including a 1.7 km tunnel, two viaducts, of 270 m and 430 m, and a technical station, in order to avoid sections of greater constraint for freight rail transport.

Project value: € 155 126 165

Scope of services: Preparation of a Feasibility Study, Preliminary Study, Environmental Impact Study, Detailed Design and RECAPE.