Portalegre Polis

Portalegre - Portugal

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Portalegre Polis

Client: Câmara Municipal de Portalegre

Period: 03/2003 - 09/2006


The Polis Program, created in 2000, was based on the concept that urban quality of life lies greatly on sustainability, urban requalification and environmental awareness.

Portalegre Polis was established with the purpose of implementing the Polis Program guidelines in the city of Portalegre and included the following interventions: Main roads requalification; Creation of pedestrian paths between the Historical Centre and new areas; Creation of new parking areas to improve access to the city centre; Landscaping, with pedestrian paths between green areas; Sidewalks requalification; Rehabilitation of the city wall’s surrounding areas; Environmental awareness.

Project value: € 15 712 730

Scope of services: CONSULGAL provided Project Management services, including coordination and supervision of all entities involved in the project, coordination and management of studies, design and works execution, establishment and control of the General Planning and financial planning, contracting and contract management, among others.