Automatic Solid Waste Collection System at Parque das Nações

Lisbon - Portugal

Environment | Solid Waste Collection and Treatment Systems

Automatic Solid Waste Collection System at Parque das Nações


Period: 1995 - 2010


The Parque das Nações Solid Urban Waste Automatic Collection System involved the implementation of a pipe network buried in a 17 km ditch and installed in a 5 km technical gallery, which is connected to all buildings in the Parque Expo Intervention Area (residential, institutional, office and commercial), Exhibition grounds and outdoor public spaces. This system is controlled by 3 Collection Centres.

Project value: € 25 000 000

Scope of services: Project Coordination and Management, ensuring the correct connection between the General Contractor and the buildings’ Owners (Parque Expo, real estate developers and other public and private entities), the various execution stages planning, the coordination of the Designer, the coordination and supervision of the Collection Centers,  General Network and Buildings Inner Networks Subcontractors, and the works execution coordination with all other Contractors.