Santa Luzia and João Gomes Rivers

Madeira - Portugal

Hydraulic Engineering | Project Management and Works Supervision

Santa Luzia and João Gomes Rivers

Client: Vice-Presidência do Governo Regional - Direção Regional de Infraestruturas e Equipamentos

Period: 07/2013 – 06/2015


Project description: This project comprised river regularization works on the final section of Santa Luzia and João Gomes rivers, in the heart of Funchal. It included coastal protection works, road layout reconfiguration, public utilities and infrastructures reconstruction, complex structures and landscaping.

Project value: € 37 500 000

Scope of work: Assistance to the Project Management and Works Supervision, including Information Management, Planning, Quantities and Costs Control, Quality Control, Environmental Control, Safety and Health Supervision, Photography Log and Conclusion of Works.