São Jorge / Arco de São Jorge Expressway

Madeira - Portugal

Transport | Roads and Mortorways | Project Management and Works Supervision

São Jorge / Arco de São Jorge Expressway

Client: DRE - Direção Regional de Estradas

Period: 2007 - 2010


The new São Jorge Arco de São Jorge Expressway connects the south coast of Madeira Island, in Machico, to the north coast, being an alternative to the current E.R. 101. With a total length of 6 km, it was necessary to build three tunnels, Tunnel 1 (1.643m), Tunnel 2 (1.568m) and Tunnel 3 (about 740m of a total of 1,187m). The works carried out correspond to the following operations: tunnels, earthworks, drainage, engineering structures (box-culvert type hydraulic passages), landscaping and containment works.

Contract value: € 46 953 987

Scope of services: The services provided, within the scope of supervision, consisted of the creation of tools that enabled the control of works at different levels, with particular emphasis on quality control of the execution of works, control of the program of works, analysis of construction variations, appraisal of execution methods, financial control and control of quantities of work, the preparation of reports, the issuing of technical opinions as well as the control of safety conditions on site.