Single European Electronic Market

Single European Electronic Market

The SEEMseed project aimed at contributing to the development and implementation of European policies related to the concept of Single Electronic European Market.  In that sense, the project:

  • Contributed to the definition and development of a flexible technological structure for doing business electronically, having in mind language, cultural and economic issues of small and medium enterprises in the European space;
  • Carried out the assessment of technology’s state-of-the-art, of issues related to the then current society and public policies related to a single European electronic market, generating information that allowed maintaining a dynamic and easily manageable knowledge base;
  • Developed a prototype for use in a simulated scenario, involving all the issues related to a single European electronic market, which resulted in a viable concept for an important sector of European economy, in this case the transport and management of waste in the European space.

Following this, a discussion and results dissemination process was launched at European level, contributing to the definition of European policies for the Single European Electronic Market.

CONSULGAL, participated in the project as part of a group of 22 industrial and IT companies, universities and research institutes of various European countries.

Period: 2003 – 2008