Transmontana Highway (A4)

Vila Real, Bragança - Portugal

Transport | Roads and Mortorways | Project Management and Works Supervision

Transmontana Highway (A4)

Client: Autoestradas XXI, S.A.

Period: 05/2009 – 09/2013


Together with the Marão Tunnel Concession, the Transmontana Motorway provides connection between the Coast and the Interior to Spain, through Quintanilha International Bridge. The new motorway has an extension of 134 km, serves 250 000 people and has 18 special engineering structures, 122 regular engineering structures, one tunnel, 23 junctions, 2 service areas and 2 maintenance support centres.

Project value: € 509 777 158

Scope of services: General Management and Coordination, Safety Coordination, Planning Control, Costs Control, Quality Control (including Laboratory Control Supervision) and Environmental Monitoring.