Energy and Industry

Energy and Industry

Know-how in energy generation,
supply and distribution systems

CONSULGAL has a wide range of experiences in the Energy sector.

In the energy market, the company provides its services in the power production, transport and distribution sectors, from the more traditional ones such as thermoelectric plants, to the most innovative and sustainable ones such as photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric energy, including its transport and distribution, mainly with focus in substations and transmission lines of medium to very high voltage.

In the field of fossil fuels plants, we highlight the “Owner’s Engineering” services, which included the design, procurement and construction supervision of coal-fired thermal power plants in the State of Ceará (Porto do Pecém) with a capacity of 1,080 MW and in the State of Maranhão (Porto do Itaqui) of 360 MW on a turnkey basis, both in Brazil.

CONSULGAL’s commitment to the renewable energy sector has allowed us to participate in hydroelectric, wind and solar energy projects, as the wind farm in Astorga, Spain, or the photovoltaic solar plant in Almodôvar, Portugal.

Services related to the distribution of electricity and gas are also part of CONSULGAL’s curriculum, such as underground electricity infrastructure networks of medium to low voltage, very high voltage lines for the transport of energy and substations, or biogas production, in several landfills in Portugal.

CONSULGAL also has experience in managing projects for industry and shipyards, the most relevant being the Farmindustria project in Palmela, technical assistance services for the restructuring of the National Steel Industry in Seixal and the Middle East shipyards in Dubai and Bahrain.

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