Future Internet for Total Manufacturing

Future Internet for Total Manufacturing

FITMAN was part of the FI-WARE Programme, which was part of the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP), started by the European Commission in 2010.

Fi-WARE aimed at developing a new Internet service platform, composed of generic reusable blocks (software routines) that answered to the needs of various activity sectors, from health care, telecommunications, to industry and environment, contributing to the significant improvement of their performance in terms of productivity, costs and reliability.

FITMAN aimed at developing an Internet platform for manufacturing industry, based on 10 case-studies from as many activity sectors.

CONSULGAL participated in the project as a partner in a consortium of 35 companies from 10 European countries and, together with UNINOVA (technological partner), developed the case-study of construction/supervision of works, which was part of the Digital Factory Trials group.  The consortium included companies such as Volkswagen or Whirlpool.

The case-study proposed by CONSULGAL under the scope of FITMAN intended to improve the efficiency of the concrete control process in a construction site.  The purpose was to develop an application, based on FI-WARE software, that allowed to follow-up, via Internet, the concreting process evolution as well as to record the various process steps, to rapidly identify the samples and to easily access each operation’s concrete characteristics.

Period: 2013 – 2015